My Coolsculpting Journey – 2 Months Result

CoolSculpting involves using Cryolipolysis (fat freezing) cooling the fat layer under the skin to the fat cells – as is more sensitive to cold than the surrounding tissue recipients – dies. The dead fat cells are then transported by the body in a natural way.

Lots of scientific evidence that the method CoolSculpting works. It reduces body fat in the treated areas. The results are permanent because the body can always create new fat cells.

areas treated

The fat cells are freezing to death

The technique of fat freezing of the CoolSculpting was developed by the American doctor Rox Anderson. The idea for the technique came to him after he studie noted that children lost deposits of fat in the cheeks after sucking on lollipops for long. The more you know right? 😀

It is known that fat affected and solidified at much lower temperatures than other substances. Equipped with this knowledge, the company developed Zeltiq in collaboration with Dr. Rox CoolSculpting art.

It has now developed a machine that makes it possible to cool the body tissue to the temperature at which the fat cells “freeze to death” and eventually goes away. On clinics holding this machine now offered the treatment. You can find them in the register of clinics CoolSculpting in Singapore.

Treatment information

Cool Sculpting is a simple and painless treatment associated with few risks. It is performed by a physician or nurse trained on the machine. The patient returns immediately after treatment to their usual activities.

What results can I expect from Cool Sculpting?

Just as liposuction CoolSculpting is a method to remove stubborn fat deposits in patients who are otherwise in good shape. It is not a way to treat generalized obesity.

CoolSculpting is primarily used for reducing the fat from the abdomen, hips, back, bra straps, back of the arms, as well as input, output, and hamstrings.

Before and After – My result in 2 Months

The final result of the this non invasive treatment visible after 2-3 months. The manufacturer of the product refers to studies showing a 20% reduction of fat in the treated area after treatment. Other studies show 10% improvement. It performs normally 1-3 treatments per area.

CoolSculpting with its cryolipolysis approach still can not replace traditional liposuction, but is an option for those with the right qualifications seeking a simpler treatment without pain and the need of recovery.

A single procedure takes 1-3 hours to complete and you will return immediately after the treatment to your regular activities.

The typical procedure

So goes the CoolSculpting to treatment starts with information and documentation of the patient’s baseline position by weighing, measuring, photographing, etc.

When preparations are complete, the patient is taking place on a deficiency which remains in a semi-sitting or lying position depending on the area being treated.

Clinician clean the skin, marks the treatment area and apply a gelatinous coating materials of the area. Subsequently, the processing nozzle fixed. The nozzle creates a vacuum that sucks up the skin against two cooling panels which triggers it.

Some patients experience some discomfort when the tissue is cooled to about 8 degrees necessary to achieve the intended effect. The feeling is similar to that of from an ice pack against the skin. It is, however, no question of any major discomfort during treatment if you read a newspaper, conversation or watching television. After a few hours the nozzle is removed and the treatment is completed.

Minimal Side Effects

Immediately after the treatment is massaged area out. Some redness, tenderness, swelling and numbness may occur in up to a few weeks. But not in such a way that it limits the patient in his or her daily routines with jobs, training and so on.

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